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Saturday, March 31, 2012



3 Movie Review

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 03:07 AM PDT

Finally the Wait is over…..The KOLAVERI movie is here….. '3′ hits the Screen,made by the '3′ great artists who are the predecessors of '3′ masters of Tamil Industry – Dhanush (son of Director KasthuriRaja who is also the producer of this movie),Shruti Hassan(Daughter of Kamalhassan), Aishwarya (Daughter of Rajnikanth as well as wife of Dhanush). Infact I didn't find any other relation with this name and the movie….
The movie…its all about Ram (Dhanush) and Janani(Shruti) moving through all the feelings from their teenage +2 days till the tragedy after their marriage…and that is the suspense of the movie. The intro scene itself will give you a shock ,which is the funeral of Dhanush….ooohh ..I am sorry…I am not supposed this to say this…
The entire story runs in the Flashback….which is the real beauty and life of the movie. I am sure that everybody will resemble themselves to the teenage Ram who is driving a Yamaha RX100 bike,waiting under the tree for a passing look from the girl,joining the Tuition class with the best friend only to be with her for some time,and avoiding the best friend to have a ride in his bike with Girl friend…etc..etc.. These are the things to be highlighted about the 1st half,which made the movie…i should say THE BEST…
The 2nd half completely turns the mood and take you to another genre, which is the masterpiece of National Award Winner Dhanush – A Psychological Thriller. I really doubt about this phase which can entertain all the type of Audience because of a big transition,which is providing a Hot and Cold treatment with romance and bipolar disorder.
Dhanush lived in the character Ram,which resembles him to his 'Thulluvatho Ilamai' looks and 'Kathal Kondein' attitude. Shruti Hassan proved her acting skills specially in her teenage girl phase. Aishwarya surprised with her direction ability in the debut movie which is really appreciable. The main personality to be mentioned in Anirudh, the music Director. The boy made the world to dance with his Kolaveri Steps, pushed this movie to the next level with amazing background Scores. The BGM is a spicy add on to all the best scenes in this movie. There is a special applause goes to the parental characters did by Prabhu,Bhanupriya and Rohini. Altogether this is something changed the conventional patterns of tamil movie.Really Fresh
Verdict : Yo Soup Bwoys…it is SWEET and SOUR….. and TASTY

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