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Sunday, March 4, 2012



Actress Sneha Ullal purrs in a seductive video

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 10:16 AM PST

Posting raunchy, erotic photographs and videos seems to be the norm amongst starlets these days. After Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra, southern actress Sneha Ullal has posted an 'aesthetically shot' erotic video of herself on the vimeo.

Now all those who don't remember Sneha, we don't blame you. Sneha was launched by Salman Khan in a film called 'Lucky' and till date she is best known as Aishwarya Rai's look-alike. Sneha then went on to do a film with Sohail Khan called 'Aryan' which also failed to do much to her career.

Post her dismal outing in the Hindi film industry, she shifted base down south and even tasted success in number of Telugu films. Known for her girl-next-door image, Sneha now perhaps wants to raise the bar.

The actress posted an erotic video of herself recently on vimeo. Sneha is seen wearing a see through shirt seducing the camera, withering on the bed.

While the exact purpose of the video is not known, Sneha says that there are a few more of such raunchy videos in store.

Radha’s daughter Karthika says that she has lived as Annakodi

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 10:00 AM PST

Ko film's heroine and actress Radha's daughter Karthika is currently acting in Tamil and Telugu films.
Karthika while speaking about her roles in these films said, "I am currently acting in the Tamil film Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum directed by ace director Bharathiraja and in the Telugu film titled Dhammu. I am donning the role of a village girl in Bharathiraja's film while in the Telugu film I am donning the role of a ultra glamorous girl.
It is a challenging matter to act in these contrast roles at the same time. No one will get this kind of opportunity. I feel that I am lucky in getting this opportunity. In film Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum I am donning the role of a girl called Annakodi. I have donned four kind of roles right from infancy phase to old woman. To tell the truth I have lived the role of Annakodi."

Abhinaya Starts Mela Thaalam

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 09:55 AM PST

Abhinaya made her debut in the film 'Nadodigal'. From then, there is no looking back for her. She has proved her talents continuously in the films like '7Aum Arivu', 'Easan' and so on.

Abhinaya is presently acting in the movie 'Mela Thaalam'. It features Debutant Nischala Krishna and Abhinaya in the lead roles. It is a romantic Comedy which is produced Dado Creations. Anbu Stalin is directing the movie.

Abhishek Lawrence is scoring the Music. The Shooting for the movie has commenced just few days back. Going by the talents expressed by Abhinaya, this movie could turn into an entertaining one.

No more semi-nudes for Kajal Aggarwal?

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 09:48 AM PST

First Kajal Aggarwal created a furore with her semi-nude photo shoot in a men's magazine and then later dismissed it as a morphed picture.

After that the T-town hottie was in the news for an intimate liplock with superstar Mahesh Babu in the film Businessman.
Such moves after her B'town stint were probably what made K-town director Murugadoss reportedly request the actress to show some skin in his upcoming Tamil film Thuppaki. To his surprise, the actress sternly refused, making it very clear that there would be no skin show in the film.
"We did a photo shoot with Vijay and Kajal and she was very co-operative. In the course of discussions, the director informed her about a specific scene, which was almost a semi-nude act in order to register a crucial idea in the storyline. He also mentioned about the photo shoot done for a men's magazine and requested something similar, but she just refused to do it," says a source close to K-town superstar Vijay.
Now, the production house is determined to convince the actress and wrap up the pending portions, as the film is slated for release in April or May.
However, Kajal's mother Vinay Aggarwal denies the report saying,"Murgadoss knows Kajal well enough to be aware that she would never act in such a scene. They share a great rapport and he hasn't come up with any such proposal to Kajal. Of course, she did a photo shoot with co-star Vijay for the film which went well."

Mumtaj to create a sensation in Saguni

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 09:45 AM PST

All along we have known Mumtaj as a glamour girl. But now, she is ready to create a sensation by playing a baddie. Yes, the actress will be seen in a villainous role in the Karthi starrer Saguni. This film also has Radhika and Roja in important roles and if sources are to be believed, Mumtaj as a baddie is set to have the silver screens on fire. Interestingly, Mumtaj has dubbed for the film.
Saguni has Karthi and Praneetha as the lead pair. The film has been directed by Shankar Dayal with music by G. V. Prakash Kumar.

Aravaan Movie Review

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 09:16 AM PST

Starring: Aadhi, Pasupathi, Dhansika Direction: Vasantha BalanMusic: KarthikProduction: T.Siva ( Amma Creations )

When a film is the oeuvre of a man who has proved his raconteuring skills at national and international platforms, it is but natural that the expectation meter shoots up to stratospheric levels. Added to that when the story is from the pages of the Sahitya Academy winning novel of Su Venkatesan's Kaaval Kottam, the product glides up several notches in the anticipation domains.
Aravaan as Vasanthabalan has been saying in all his interviews is a character from Mahabharatha, is the son of Arjuna and is a complete MAN in all aspects. Vasanthabalan has juxtaposed this quality onto a character belonging to South Tamil Nadu from 18th century.
The film opens up to an imposing and a strong Pasupathi who is on a heist mission with his fellow men on a dark night. The ensuing 10-15 minutes take you on a thrill ride and you gear up for Vasanthabalan to weave his magical baton on you.
Balan should be credited for his attempt to chronicle the lives of people of South Tamil Nadu of 18th century. The intriguing locales, his key men Aadhi and Pasupathy are the major factors that turn the tables in Aravaan's favor. We get to learn the customs, traditions, lifestyles of these people and are convinced that Balan and his team have done their research well. The tribe called Kallar, the nitty gritty details of their thievery, their ethics, and their own methods of justice are all interesting. In the Oore Oore ditty too, Viveka comes to Balan's aid in conveying the ethnicity of the tribe and their belief systems.
The amount of hard work that Aadhi and Pasupathy have put in for their roles not just in the physical aspect but also in the histrionics segment is palpable. Post Aravaan, Aadhi's career graph is sure to go north. In fact, it is these two, who shoulder the entire film. Another positive force for the film is art director Vijay Murugan for bringing in front of us the habitat of a particular period.
On the flip side, Aravaan does not have a homogenous engrossing quotient. And its length (2 hours and 48 minutes) don't contribute to this either. Some of the dialogues and body languages are so contemporary that you wonder how a director of the calibre of Vasanthabalan could have missed this. The way Aadhi says 'romba pasikkudhu' with a 21st century urban drawl, Archana Kavi's dialogues to Aadhi to marry her, Dhansika's urban body language, Singam Puli's humor are all completely jarring to the period in which Aravaan is set. The all too obvious and sloppy CG work in the scene where Aadhi rescues Pasupathy should have been avoided.
While the first half focuses on Pasupathy's tribe, the pre-interval block puts forth the suspense about Aadhi's background. But the second half is filled with so many scenes which move back and forth from flash back to present that sometimes confuse the audience. The suspense factor about Bharath's murder is well handled.
Bharath, Anjali and Shwetha Menon appear in cameo and it is sad that Dhansika fail to make an impact. An example is the scene is where Aadhi accuses Dhansika of her sexual desires. When substantial years have passed by and some of the main characters appearances have also changed, Karikalan and Dhansika remain just the same. This could have been taken care.
Singer Karthik makes his debut as music composer and his tracks are fairly serviceable. Cameraman Siddharth's work just passes muster.
There is an end card which says that capital punishment should be banned. But if this is what Balan wanted to convey, it baffles as to why he brought in 18th century Tamils. Finally when the film draws to a close, there is something amiss that you are not able to place a finger on.
Verdict: High on detailing and effort, low on engaging.

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