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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Video Songs Downloads

Video Songs Downloads

New hip hop and rnb songs 2011 May

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 06:57 AM PDT

New songs of 2011 May Hot new hip hop and rnb songs of 2011 May New songs May 2011 This video is for promotional purposes of these songs. 1-Owl City Feat. BoB – Alligator Sky 2-Elijah King Feat. T-Pain & Young Cash – Hand Clap 3-David Guetta Feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj Where Dem Girls At 4-Asher Roth Feat. Akon – Last Man Standing 5-Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 – Fast Lane 6-Akon_Ft_Chris_Brown_-_Take_It_Down_Low 7-Chris_Brown_-_She_Can_Get_It 8-NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block & Backstreet Boys) – Dont Turn Out The Lights 9-Taio Cruz – Believe In Me Now 10-Jay Sean Feat. Tyga, Busta Rhymes & Cory Gunz – YMCMB Heroes 11-Jennifer Lopez – Hypnotico 12-Ke$ha – Radio Radio Radio 13-Jennifer Lopez – Papi 14-Fabolous Feat. Ne-Yo & Ryan Leslie – Look At Her (Killin Em Part 2) 15-Taio Cruz – Replaceable 16-Justice Crew Feat. Flo Rida – Dance With Me 17-Omega Feat. Akon – El Product 18-Rihanna Feat. Britney Spears – S&M (Remix) 19-Riz Feat. Pitbull – Dance With Me 20-Ya Boy Feat. Akon – Lock Down Buy the songs if you like them…..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

New songs of 2011 march Hot new hip hop and rnb songs of 2011 March New songs march 2011 This video is for promotional purposes of these songs. 1-T-Pain Feat. Chris Brown – Best Love Song 2-Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown – My Last 3-T-Pain Feat. Flo-Rida – I’m Dancin 4-Eminem Feat. BoB – Things Get Worse 5-Lady GaGa – Born This Way 6-Young Dro Feat. Chris Brown – Sweat 7-Akon Feat. Rock City – Wanna Rock 8-Lupe Fiasco Feat. MDMA – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now 9-Katy Perry Feat. Kanye West – ET 10-Lil Eddie – 5 Star Life 11-Mann – Dance The Night Away 12-Ne-Yo – Give Me Everything 13-Lil Wayne – I Hate Love 14-Makadi – My Cup 15-Nicole Scherzinger – Killer Love 16-Belly Feat. Kobe – Back Against The Wall 17-Mann Feat. Audio Push – Body Rock 18-Sean Kingston – Rewind 19-Alex Reid – Sugar On My Tongue 20-Iyaz – Lesson Learned 21-Sean Kingston – Twice My Age 22-Timbaland Feat. Brandy – 808 23-Git Fresh Feat. Rock City – Eat It Up 24-David Guetta Feat. RaVaughn Brown Love Machine 25-Ike Nice – Around The World Buy the songs if you like them…..

Top 10 BOSTON Songs

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 06:20 AM PDT

My ten favorite BOSTON songs listed in order

One of the Best Indian Songs

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 05:50 AM PDT

Vaa Ji song from Sivaji DVD. Best quality on youtube!! Leave your comments!

(27th May,1973)Wishing Mr.&Mrs.DKSharma (Kuckudk) a very happy Wedding Anniversary, the video includes songs from Udit Narayan,Jaspinder Narula as well as the legends.Kishoreda,Rafi sahab,Manna-de. Lataji & Ashaji,pictures/videos of Various Stars and Old movie songs/clips plus my own few creative tricks to give it my special touch,hahaha lolzz ,. thank you Mr.Mrs.DKSharmaji, please accept this gift, i know its nothing much, i hope you like it sir/Madam. God bless you Both.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

“Grey Gardens” by Rufus Wainwright

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 05:19 AM PDT

Rufus goes on the Issac Mizrahi show and at piano, performs a lovely version of “Grey Gardens” from his second album “Poses.”

Korchach, Bekita “12 New Eritrean songs” – 2011 Cinema Odeon concert Live

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 04:53 AM PDT

www.EastAFRO.com: 12 New songs Live from Cinema Odeon, Asmara for Eritrea’s 20th independence celebration Tuesday May 17, 2011. 1) Tesfaalem Arefaigne (Qorchach) 2) Filmon GebreTinsae “Hizbi Malet” 3) Bekita Ali “Tigre song — Bishrat” 4) Amine wedi shawish “Bana Birhan” 5) Melekin Atombosa ” Bilen song — Yideigna” 6) Helen Fanuel ” Ashab” 7) Fitsum Yohannes “Rocket miEbale” 8) Mihet Zerhanis “Bilen song — Eritrea Meren” 9) Merhawi Teweldemedhin Wedi Haleka “Hanka Hankay” 10) Musical Drama “Wogahta” Barnebas, Tank — Director Kahsay Ghebrehiwet 11) Adem Hamid “Hidareb song — Doba 12) Dr. Abdelkadir Salim “Sudanese song”. Free ERI-TV Live is available from the internet via www.EastAfro.com 24X7. (Africa Music)

Famous Malayalam Songs (Vol. 4)

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 04:21 AM PDT

Clips of some of the most memorable malayalam songs…… Movie Name – Songs Amaram – Azhake Nin Mirzhi NokkathaDoorethuKannuNattu – Ayyirum Manichithratharzhu – Varuvannillarumi Chillu – Oru Vattam Koodii KakkothiKavilleAppanThadi – Kannan SanmanesullavarkuSamadanam -Paviramalli MukundhettaSumithraVellikunnu – Ormakal Kalapani – Chempoove Poove Ghasal – Vadakuninnu Parivanne Nadoddikattu – Vaishake Sandhye
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hit Songs Madhuri Dixit_ m? Morables (the Queen of Bollywood)

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 03:52 AM PDT

value = “http://www.youtube.com/v/l-wJdtuI_pI?fs=1″> <object width=”425″ height=”355″> <param name = “movie” < / p> <param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”> </ p> <embed src = “http://www.youtube.com/v/l-wJdtuI_pI?fs=1? type = “application / x-shockwave-flash” width = “425″ height = “355″ allowFullScreen = “true”> </ embed> </ object> <p Madhuri Dixit Top 13 Hindi Song Collection Ek ne adolescente de Tezaab films Oh Baby Ne pas briser mon coeur …. Tu Hai Shayar Mohabbat par …. Nazrein Mili Dil Saajan de … Mera Piya Ghar AYAA Raja …. des Yaarana Aankhiya Milao …. Principales Sera Sera ….. Raja Pukar Daala de Mare …. Devdas Tanhayi tanhayi …. par Koyla Arerre arre …. Dil To Pagal de Hai Hai Bahut Pyar Karte. Dhak Dhak partir Saajan Hum Tumhare Ligue Karan de b?ta Hai Sanam …. Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam du film </ P>

Jennifer Lopez Hypnotico Preview ♫ 2011!

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 03:05 AM PDT

goo.gl WIN Gucci Watch & Handbag Jennifer Lopez Hypnotico 30sec Preview ♫ 2011! LOVE? download

Leehom (english songs)

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 02:32 AM PDT

Leehom is singing the following songs: silent night, last christmas, i just called to say i love you~ (2004)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus HD (Studio Quality) (Lyrics)

Posted: 27 Jul 2011 01:41 AM PDT

Lyrics: I hopped off the plane at LAX With the dream, my cardigan Welcome to the land of fame excess Am I gonna fit in? Jumped in the cab Here I am for the first time Looked to my right and i see the Hollywood sign This is all so crazy Everybody seems so famous My tummy’s turnin’ and i’m feelin’ kind of homesick Too much pressure and I’m nervous That’s when the taxi man turned on the radio And a Jay-Z song was on and the Jay-Z song was on(2x) So I put my hands up They’re playin’ My Song The butterflies fly away Noddin’ my head like yeah Movin’ my hips like yeah I got my hands up They’re playin’ my song I know I’m gonna be ok Yeah It’s a party in the USA Yeah It’s a party in the USA Get to the club in my taxi cab Everybody’s looking at me now Like “who’s that chick that rockin’ kicks? She gotta be from outta town.” So hard with my girls not around me It’s definitely not a Nashville party Cause all I see are stillettos I guess I never got the memo My tummy’s turnin’ and I’m feelin’ kind of homesick Too much pressure and I’m nervous And the DJ dropped my favorite tune And a Britney song was on And the Britney song was on(x2) So I put my hands up They’re playin’ My Song The butterflies fly away Noddin’ my head like yeah Movin’ my hips like yeah I got my hands up They’re playing my song I know I’m gonna be ok Yeah It’s a party in the USA Yeah It’s a party in the USA Feel like hopping on a flight (on a flight) Back to my hometown tonight (town tonight) Something stops me

Britney Spears – gasoline [Lyrics] britney spears gasoline – [lyrics] britney spears gasoline [lyrics] gasoline [lyrics] gasoline [lyrics] gasoline [lyrics] britney spears [HD on screen] Britney Spears – gasoline [Lyrics] Britney Spears – gasoline [Lyrics] Britney Spears – Criminal [Lyrics]…

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