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Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Actor Kamal announces "Moo"

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 10:05 AM PST

With his "Vishwaroopam" issue settled down after facing various problems, Kamal is ready with his next which is to be titled 'Moo'. It has been reported that Kamal will be starting this project after completing his Vishwaroopam 2.
Quiz Kamal about this he said, "I will be registering the title soon. It denotes three. The Tamil language has this beauty about it - you can tell a word in one syllable, like nee, naan, thee. I'd like to title my next film, post Vishwaroopam 2, as Moo." We hear that Kamal will be playing three roles in the film and it also might be made in English because of the Ulaganayagan's interest in Hollywood. Not surprisingly  the famous Hollywood producer Barrie Osborne has shown an interest in working with Kamal. Barrie Osborne is well known for his series of "Lord Of The Rings". " I am inspired by Kamal Haasan. We are discussing a project together. I hope it comes true soon." says Barrie Osborne.
When asked about this, a source close to Kamal said. " There's no official confirmation about Moo yet. Kamal sir is planning to make Vishwaroopam 2 next and he had mentioned that even during the talks with the Muslim groups. He has already shot most of the film and will shoot the remaining portions soon. In fact, when Vishwaroopam ends, there's an indication that the sequel will take place in India."

February release schedule

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 09:55 AM PST

As per early scheduling, February with 28 days may have a record 23 releases. Most of these are low budget unknown movies with either newcomers or little known faces.

Some have announcedrelease dates, while others are waiting to be censored or trying to get a decent release date. There is such a huge rush in February mainly because everybody wants to release before examination season starts in March.
Here is the February list, taken from newspaper ads and trade talks. The dates mentioned need not be accurate, as some of them may get postponed or delayed.
Feb1 – 1.David 2. Kadal (Released)
Feb 7 – 3.Vishwaroopam
Feb 8 – 4.Chuda Chuda 5.Ninavodu Kalandhuvidu 6. Ariyadhavan-Puriyadhavan
Feb 14 – 7. Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu 8. Nesam Nasepeduthe 9. Vanayudham 10. Naangam Pirai -3D
Feb 15 – 11. Pardesi 12. Aadalam Boys Chinnadha Dance
Feb 22 – 13. Aadhibhagavan 14. KD Billa Killadi Ranga 15. Haridas 16. Pechiakka Marumagan 17.Thalakonam 18. Chandamama
Also trying for February Release – 19. Kiripulla 20. Andava Perumal 21. Kanpesum Varthakal 22.Arjunan Kathali 23. Sonna puriyathu

Films with item numbers to carry ‘A’ certificate!

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 09:49 AM PST

All films with item songs will get an 'Adult' rating, as per a recent order of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). An 'A' certificate will hit filmmakers hard, as satellite television rates of the film will plunge.

A meeting of CBFC members in Mumbai was critical of what the censors had passed. The censor board came under tremendous pressure after the recent Delhi gang rape.
The CBFC CEO Pankaja Thakur has said : " We have decided to issue 'A' certificate to any film which has an item number" The CBFC felt some strict measures has to be taken before the public anger boils over.
Producers in south are already hit by the ban, as most pictures which have item numbersare now calling it "fun song" !! But CBFC chief Leela Samson is clear that in whatever name you call an item song, the producer will have to take an 'A' cut!
Meanwhile after Vishwaroopam controversy and subsequent ban in Tamil Nadu, the centre has appointed a judicial commission to review the Cinematography Act, which creates and empowers the national censor board.
An eight-member committee has been appointed by the centre headed by retired Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Mukul Mudgal, and includes Sharmila Tagore, who headed the censor board, and award-winning lyricist and parliamentarian Javed Akhtar.

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