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Wednesday, May 9, 2012



I have not erased 'Prabhu tattoo': Nayantara

Posted: 08 May 2012 12:35 PM PDT

Nayantara has denied removing the popular 'Prabhu tattoo', which was inked on her hand when she was in a relationship with Prabhu Deva. The actress, who recently started her second innings in filmdom, said the tattoo is very much on her hand.
"If anyone still has doubts, they can come and see my hand," said Nayantara, who also rejected a claim that she had recently been to Bangkok to remove the tattoo. "If I wanted to do so, I could have done it in India itself," she said.
The 'Ayya' girl also played down reports that she was subjected to a lengthy security check by customs officials when she returned from Bangkok recently. "Anyone who comes from a foreign country would have to undergo this," she said.
Earlier, reports claimed that the actress and her manager Rajesh took with them Rs 20 lakh to Bangkok to remove the 'Prabhu' tattoo from her hand. And acting on a tip-off, officials probed her reason behind taking such a huge amount.

Actress Priya Anand Involves in Another Social Cause

Posted: 08 May 2012 05:19 AM PDT

Priya Anand made her debut through the film 'Vaamanan'. Her last release was 'Nootrenbadhu'. Apart from acting in films, she is involved in social activities too.

Earlier, Priya Anand was involved with NGOs that were for the betterment of the lives of children rescued from child labour and physical and sexual abuse. Now, she is associating herself with PETA.

Regarding this, Priya Anand said, "For the first time, I am working for an organization officially. Now, we focus over the issue of caged birds. We have few ideas that would be materialized in few days. I am all the more happy, as I am a part of the organization whose views I trust in completely".

Climax of Mugamoodi is being shot in Karaikal.

Posted: 08 May 2012 03:03 AM PDT

The climax of Mugamoodi is being shot in Karaikal. The film's lead star Jiiva, villain Narain, director Mysskin and others are currently stationed in Karaikal to can the climax fight which is choreographed by an international stunt master from Hong Kong.

Mugamoodi is a super-hero subject and there are some intense fights in this film between Jiiva and Narain, states sources. The film is directed by Mysskin and stars Pooja Hegde as Jiiva's arm candy. Prakash Raj, Nasser and Anupama Kumar are also included in the star cast along with a host of others.

Mugamoodi is about the social evils and Jiiva's fight against it. The film was planned as a summer release but had to be postpone due to the FEFSI strike.

Actress Bindu Madhavi to Change Her Name as Bindu Sagar?

Posted: 08 May 2012 02:53 AM PDT

Bindu Madhavi's last release was 'Kazhugu', her debut film in Kollywood, in which she acted with Krishna Shekar. This film received very good responses from one and all.

News are making rounds that, Bindhu Madhavi has recently changed her name. Some people in the industry said that, she has taken this decision, as she missed out some projects in Kollywood, which she should have grabbed.

Bindu Madhavi denied that there is no such reason behind this. Bindu said, "There are no significances with numerology for this name changes. Above all, I did not even make this name change official until now.

I had a brother named Sagar, over whom I was very fond of. He was involved in the preparations of his civil services exams. He expired suddenly. I started to feel his absence.

That's when, I checked with my near and dear to call me, with his name attached to my name (Bindu + Sagar = Bindu Sagar). This was to keep his memory alive with me and reduce the feelings of his absence. All the people around me accepted to my plea and have started to call me as 'Bindu Sagar'".

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