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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[H-GAME] Monmusu Quest! Second Chapter -Loss Means Vamp Devour- [English Version]

[3D VIDEO] Strang Erotica: The Conspiracy of Dr. Busujima

Release : Dec/27/2011

Doctor Busujima was a 90 year old physician.
To live forever, he sought a young body to transfer his soul.
He found a married couple that was perfect, and injected the husband
with a virus to entrap the wife. He called the wife to his clinic. She
foolishly offered her body to the doctor to spare the husband, and
after violating her, he let her "throw the switch", which she
thought would save him. Instead, it shifted Busujima's soul into
the dead husband's body...

But the experiment went wrong! The transfer caused his body to
mutate into a 5-meter behemoth with a throbbing cock!

File size: 444.1 MB
Download [3D VIDEO] Strang Erotica: The Conspiracy of Dr. Busujima

[3D GAME] Pretty Warrior May Cry

Release : Dec/07/2011

Demon Lord was hunted by King's warriors, He have no choice but fight, Although he is some kind of pacifist. So he gathered his monsters and dug dungen to fight the warriors while withdraw to the border of kingdom. Will he survive?

Game Play:
1, Train and upgrade your monster army, You have 12 races in total.
2, Create your dungen by digging, You can customize your own labyrinth and place your monster in there, wait for the warriors coming.
3, The male monster will rape the female warriors, And the female monster can attract the male warriors. While they having sex, the 3D High-res animations will be displayed real-time in the right window. But to defeat the same sex enemies can only though fighting.
4, Each race of monster have their own ability, Some can make warriors weak, Some can slow them down, Some can split, And some are good at fighting, etc.
5, Once you successfully captured a warrior, you can torture and rape her/him after battle, Train her/him to your slave, Then you will be able to use her/him to against your enemy in next battle.
6, You can collect items in battle, to help create your new monsters.

1, There are 16 chapters in story mode, With interesting story and funny dialog.
2, Variational weathers and terrains in each map.
3, Three new sexy VC for the voices.

VC - Lilith (Suzune Kagetsu)
Swordmaster (Matsuri Sygihara)
Wizard (Kanan)

4, New 3D CG system tryout, You will able to turn the view angle 360 degrees for some torture animations.
5, Creative game design, The normal gameplay window in the left, 3D animations real-time playing in the right window.
6, Different levels of game difficulty you can choose.
7, Highly optimized the system requirement for nice performance, In Game Options panel You can also disable some special effects for quicker performance.
8, 12 races of monsters plus 3 kinds of slaved warriors , all have their unique sex animations.

File size: 433.9 MB
Download [3D GAME] Pretty Warrior May Cry

[3D FLASH] Riding Noah

Release : Nov/21/2011

Rinoa Ecchi Movie Collection!

DAISY Presents High Quality Full 3dcg Animated Works
Experience her from YOUR view! Your phallus in FF8's beautiful Rinoa He*rtily!!

Cum in mouth, sperm-covered breasts, creampie... loads of styles!

Full 3D and Full Voice!!
Realistic, astounding 3DCG rendering! 800x600 quality resolution!
Smooth 30fps animation *CUSTOMIZE* movie editor / playlist!
+ BONUS GAME (Make her nude with your mouse)

Please enjoy the trial game first to confirm system specs.

File size: 1.0 GB
Download [3D FLASH] Riding Noah

[3D FLASH] Sex Lesson for Brother

Release : Nov/18/2011

Oniichan has been feverishly studying a how-to book of sex.
One day his little sister Kaho finds it.

It's time to begin a secret lesson with imouto...

* Where's her petite G-spot? How should I touch it?

* Let's soar to ecstasy in a loving stroke 'n' slip combination!

* Classic sex positions and "special" variations

Practice makes perfect, and little sister is oh so practiced...
Hot SEX with detailed, dirty step by step to get the most enjoyment.

[ Alternative animal ears ]
Choose your favorite mimi cosplay for imouto:
doggy ears (inumimi), kitty (nekomimi) or bunny (usamimi)

[ Movie nonstop feature ]
Pick the scenes you love for endless replay

[ Quality fluids ]
A beautiful hybrid of hand-drawn and digital sperm for
just the right viscosity! Special attention to sperm!

[ 3D option illustration shading ]
Enjoy the perfection of 2D girls in 3D dynamic motion.

File size: 908.1 MB
Download [3D FLASH] Sex Lesson for Brother

3RD-Art.com SiteRip

3Darlings 3D Toons is the website for erotic art and adult entertainment created using latest 3D technology. What you will find here is:

-FREE pictures and movies starring exciting virtual cuties of the feminine curvy kind

-Exotic big boob fantasies in stills and movies in the 3Darlings Memberzone

-3Darlings Picture of the Month, a free featured sample of current 3D artwork

File size: 1.0 GB
Download 3RD-Art.com SiteRip

[3D FLASH] Closed Train

Release : Nov/01/2011

I stepped into a train from a desolate platform, and I found myself alone with a strange girl in the car...
My erotic experience in Flash movie format.

File size: 155.3 MB
Download [3D FLASH] Closed Train

[3D FLASH] 3D Rotative Image Collection III

Release : Oct/19/2011

New amazing scenes of realistic 3D girls with voice. Rotative images only; the characters themselves do not move.

Total 28 scenes

Total size: 3.4 GB in 2 files.
Download [3D FLASH] 3D Rotative Image Collection III

XXXelfXXX com SiteRip

Welcome to xxxELFxxx.com, your source of the highest quality XXX 3D CGI animation elf porn. Fans of fantasy, RPG's, anime, hentai and magic will love what the sensuous elven ladies of Felther have to show you inside. Indulge your desires and witness hardcore fantasy action like you've never seen before. Members enjoy images, videos, animations, wallpapers and more.

Total size: 1.9 GB in 2 files.
Download XXXelfXXX com SiteRip

RapeStories3D SiteRip

Nothing turns on more than power, especially when it is used against somebody's will. This is the hot place where all your raping fantasies become reality. Watch these petite holes being cracked in two by massive meaty devices. Innocent babes didn't expect to become the brand new porn stars but their offenders don't really care as long as they get sexual satisfaction from their bodies. Scared girls can't even scream as the cruel rapists stuff different shit in their mouths to keep them quite.

File size: 819.0 MB
Download RapeStories3D SiteRip

3DMonsterStories.com SiteRip

Over 3800 Pics 3D works.

File size: 1.2 GB
Download 3DMonsterStories.com SiteRip

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